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Technical Support

Products are Just the Beginning
The power of technical support means understanding your business needs and bringing you powerful solutions.
Whether you’re looking for training, food cost advantages, service ideas, or new additions to your product offerings,
we have the services and expertise to fit your needs.


  • I am proud to announce that we have been dealing heavily with M/s. Quqa for the past 18 years and don't recall that we ever faced any problems. On the contrary, we realized that they were constantly improving in all aspects.  

    Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets

    Ahmed Zalatimo, CEO

  • Your company is one of the biggest companies in Jordan, and its my honor to work with, and we have good business relationship Your service and follow up is very good, Your prices are competitive, You should wide your range of items and make extensions in other segments to supply all factories requirements Wish you all the best    


    Mohammad Anzarouti, Commercial Manager