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December 29, 2015
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Quqa Academy – Advanced Networking and Training Concept

quqa academy

Accelerated Food Service Training: A Must in Today’s World

In a multivendor, real-world setting, a strong and solid foundation of networking and training concepts is necessary for long-term success. The Quqa Academy offers an Accelerated Food Service Training concept to equip you with the skills needed for your business. As an exclusive offer to our Quqa customers, this excellent training platform is a must for everyone who wants to stay on top of their field.

Building a Firm Foundation

A firm foundation and understanding of the basic product technicalities and technology is an integral part of any business. It will help you in the way you analyze existing situations to be able to come up with viable solutions that will last. In the fast-paced world, new techniques using more advanced technology is necessary to bolster sales while at the same time, connect with more customers. Existing fundamental skills are honed with more advanced concepts to help you think outside the box and be more innovative to cope with various changes in the market.

What We Offer

With a wide range of courses in the Accelerated Food Service Training program the Quqa Academy offers:

  • tailor-suit courses to meet the various needs of each business
  • Application-specific courses that targets specific applications
  • strong fundamentals that you will utilize for real-world, practical skills
  • a better understanding of the technology and product technicalities that can guide you in searching for solutions to improve your business
  • more understanding of skills needed in numerous vendor environments that is occurring in real-time, real-world situations
  • better communication techniques and skills needed for enhanced vendor-customer relationship that can improve business operations

Contact us for more information and learn how the Quqa Academy can help you today. Our Accelerated Food Service Training program can greatly improve how you conduct your business in today’s modern world.


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