Our Company

Quqa at a Glance

With expertise spanning more than eight decades, through diverse industries and various countries, our company is uniquely positioned to meet some of the region’s main needs. We have brought world-class technology and developments to regional marketplace through innovative products, solutions and services. Our market-driven innovation introduces hundreds of new products and applications every year, serving markets as diverse as food and beverage, hospitality, catering, pharmaceuticals, wholesale, retail and distribution.

Today, We are a regional leader with innovative solutions that provide high-quality products and reliable services to customers and communities locally and regionally. We aim to serve the needs of our customers and create value for our stakeholders by becoming the region’s most efficient and innovative company.

Our Values

Our values define the character of our company, just as much as the products, solutions, and services that we provide. The values that represent the foundation of our organization are:

  • Collaboration: We work with others in a collective pursuit of excellence. Collaboration is at the core of all our relationships. We collaborate with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and other partners in order to reach common goals.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty, responsibility, and respect towards all the people and organizations with which we interact.
  • Leadership: We aim to be leaders not only in the investment business landscape, but also in all of our relationships. We are a company with a sound vision for the future based on sustainability, excellence, and innovation.

Our Purpose

To work collaboratively and to find sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions to satisfy some of the region’s biggest needs, making lives better, safer, and healthier for people everywhere.

Our Approach

Everything we do is geared towards the guarantee that we remain the partner, solution provider, and employer of choice. We are constantly evolving in order to become more flexible in our operations, more creative in our business offerings, more sustainable in our use of resources, more innovative in conducting our business, and more efficient in our capital allocation.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and comprehensive array of products, solutions and services. To this end, we tailor our products and services to suit our customers’ specific needs, from personal and business perspectives, improvement, and renovation to infrastructure, industrial, and other specialty applications. We strive to create value for our customers by focusing on more vertically integrated solutions rather than separate products. We foster long-term customer relationships by providing them with reliable, high-quality service and consistent product quality. We constantly adapt to our customers’ needs through innovative products and financing schemes, providing them with solutions for the challenges they face in their specific market and business climate.

Sustainable development is embedded in our core business strategy and our day-to-day operations. We seek to build a keener world through a simple and focused model that follows three main lines of action:

  • Enhancing our Value Creation: We seek to increase our operational efficiency through innovation and collaboration, in order to develop solutions that meet the needs of a world with limited resources.
  • Managing our Footprint: We contribute to the development of a green economy, helping to address climate change, which is one of the world’s greatest challenges.
  • Engaging our Stakeholders: Our long-term success rests on fostering positive, long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

We recognize that the business landscape is shifting toward more cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. This inspires us to be more innovative in conducting our business. Through our efficient and sustainable approach to innovation, from supply chain and logistics and technical centers, we provide our customers with the most reliable and creative solutions.

Our best processes allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers while using the optimal amount of resources, thus creating the most value. We constantly seek to improve our performance as an efficient and innovative company by identifying, sharing, and implementing best practices across our business units.

Our History

Over the past century, we have grown from a local player to one of the top regional companies in our industry. We have the people, the culture, and the opportunities to continue on our path of disciplined growth.


Mohammad Quqa founded a sweets factory in Jaffa, Palestine which was the first sweet factory of its kind in the region.

Business continued to grow and flourish and started offering a diverse range of products, from different kind of sugar candy to chocolate.

Due to war in the region, production stopped; the lack of available energy, distribution channels, and human resources prevented the company from profitably continuing its operations, and the decision was made to move production to Amman, Jordan. In which in the face of a difficult political and economic environment, the company resumed production.

In Early 1956, business resumed at full capacity. Additionally, a commodities and food service ingredients trading business unit were established.

With the business growing, a distribution business unit to reach all customers became a must, that’s when the fast moving consumer goods business saw light for the first time.

As part of the business vertical integration, “Quqa Printing Co.” were established to meet the packaging and printing needs of the business, in no time this business became a major supplier for various industries locally and regionally.

A large-scale expansion of the business took place with the goal of meeting the increasing local and regional market needs in the Raw Materials for Food Industry Business and the HORECA Equipments Business. Through this initiative, Quqa was the first to bring such solutions to the region.

In the early 90’s Quqa started opening offices locally and regionally to become closer to its customers and meet their needs.

In 2006, the company became a public company through a successful IPO under the name of Future Arab Investment Company (FUTR) with stocks publically traded at the Amman Stock Exchange.

We continue to expand and grow; reaching to local and regional markets, meeting customers needs and expectations, and facing challenges with strong and steady steps toward the future.

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