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How to Find the Right Supplier for Your Food or Hospitality Business

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How to Find the Right Supplier for Your Food or Hospitality Business?

Whether running a Restaurant, Hotel, Café, or catering any other hospitality business, it is crucial to find the right supplier as this will be a big contributor to the success of your business. The kind of supplies and equipment you receive will affect the quality of food or service you give to your clients. The better the quality of supplies and equipment, the higher client satisfaction rating your business will get.

Selecting the right supplier could be both simple and complicated. You can either ask a friend or colleague in the business who their suppliers are, or you can go through a painstaking selection process.


Factors to Consider

Prior to the selection process, a criterion must be defined. To come up with this, it is necessary to ask the opinion of key personnel from your organization’s quality assurance, research and development, marketing, purchasing and other departments involved in supplier selection.

Here are factors that you need to consider to find the right supplier:

  1. Performance

Once you have a list of potential suppliers, assess their performance. Find out if they provide quality service, have an efficient delivery system, abide with strict food safety measures and comply with all regulations set for suppliers. Conduct an audit to make sure that these potential suppliers do not have any significant failures in quality system and compliance.


  1. Availability of Products

The supplier must able to meet the demands of your business. A year-round availability of products is important. Again, in order for you to find the right supplier, some research and audit are needed.


  1. Quality of Products

The quality and safety of their food and products as well as the packaging are major factors to consider. These will affect your ability to produce the best quality products to your clients.

  1. After-Sale Service

A reliable suppliers extend their support to their clients even after the initial sale is completed. You should be confident that the supplier you choose is there to provide help and support if something goes wrong, something you should always expect in the HORECA business.

Find the right supplier with these four important factors in mind. Remember that the best suppliers are the ones that will help you boost your sales and maximize profits.

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