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Food Delivery Using Drones


Food service has taken to newer heights now that food delivery service providers are using drones. DronesDelivery arebecoming the new reality. Thanks to this revolutionary advancement in food business, customers no longer have to wait long for their food to arrive. Now, thats fast food.

A Business Solution

One of the challenges that restaurant owners face is the growing costs of logistics of food delivery and staffing. The introduction of delivery drones is a solution that will address these concerns as well as meeting the satisfaction of customers.

In China, food delivery using drones are already being practiced by several restaurants. The Ghost Drone, which was developed in China, was the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) initially used. Restaurant owners put these drones to test to find out if it can deliver food within 30 minutes or faster.

The drones did not fail expectations. In fact, the fastest recorded speed of food delivery using drones is 20 minutes, with the use of a drone manufactured by Ehang UAV.

How They Work

Also called parcelcopters, the drones are controlled by experienced courier pilots using a mobile phone app. They can fly at around 400 feet with a speed of 45 to 65 kilometers per hour depending on environmental factors. In favorable conditions, the drones may even go faster.

Environmental challenges will affect speed of delivery, and these include strong wind, dust or sand in the air, and GPS signals being lost because of terrain.

A Win-Win Situation

With this technology, the last mile problem can be finally addressed. For restaurant owners, this will greatly reduce the cost of food deliveries to urban areas. It will also eradicate safety problems that restaurant staff often face when making deliveries.

For customers, it will mean less agonizing wait for food to finally arrive. Based on the experiences of several customers in China, drones can cut delivery time by as much as 50%. Its convenience to customers cannot be disputed.

Moreover, it will contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion in the central business district and other populated urban locations.

Food delivery using drones face several public concerns about privacy and safety; however, manufacturers and technology experts believe that these issues can be addressed with the right legislation.

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