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Beverage Trends in 2016


Beverage Trends in 2016

The food and restaurant business is always looking for the next big thing in food and beverage. People nowadays have plenty of choices when it comes to delicious beverages. However, there is also a rise in beverage trends that are focused on the health-conscious market. Here are some of the top beverage trends in 2016 that people should expect in their favorite restaurants and groceries.

Creative Coffees

Expect baristas and beverage makers to come up with more creative coffee libations in 2016. Some of these delicious and creative coffees have already been introduced this year such as coffee cherry brews, coffee mocktails and dry-hopped coffee on nitro tap. With so many coffee lovers all over the world, expect coffee to always be included in the yearly beverage trends.

Honey Infused Drinks

More people are veering away from artificial sweeteners in their beverages. This is the reason why more beverage makers are using natural and healthy sweeteners such as honey on their drinks. Honey is known for its delicious and sweet flavor as well as its high nutritional value.

Fresh Herbs and Spices

Consumers today don’t just go for the usual soda and juice drinks. As mentioned above, the beverage trends in 2016 may focus on the health conscious market. There will be more drinks that will feature syrups, which come from fresh herbs and spices.

Birch Water

Birch Water has been steadily gaining popularity and it will probably be a trend this coming year. It is a popular drink in Eastern Europe and it is known as an energy drink that comes directly from trees.


Tea will never go out of style in 2016 even though it has been a popular beverage drink for many years now. Expect to see more tea innovations in the coming years with more delicious tea creations such as tea lattes, matcha, chai, tea cocktails and many more.

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